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Situated in Central Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo is within easy reach of the main cities in the country. You can choose to travel by bus or train from Sofia, Varna, Burgas or Plovdiv. Unfortunately, the town has no airport and the nearest one in Gorna Oryahovitsa is not open for passenger traffic. It is possible to fly to Sofia or Varna and then take the bus or train to Veliko Tarnovo.

By bus

The easiest (and probably fastest) way to reach Veliko Tarnovo is by bus. The buses from Sofia run almost every hour at the price of 18 Bulgarian levs (approximately 9 Euro). It takes about 3 hours to travel from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo. The bus service from Varna is the same. There are buses running from Plovdiv and Burgas but they are not as frequent as those from Sofia or Varna.

By train

Veliko Tarnovo’s railway station is quite small. The train to and from Plovdiv can be caught from there. If you want to go to Sofia or Varna, it is better to go to the station in Gorna Oryahovitsa and take the train from there. It can be reached by bus, minibus or taxi.

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