Samovodska charshia


The Samovodska charshia is the old market in the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. In the early 19 th century, when the town was rapidly developing, there emerged a shopping centre with lots of workshops, bakeries and cafes. The nowadays existing workshops recreate the Renaissance atmosphere. There are cutlery, tannery, pottery, a carpenter’s shops and a weaving workshop, where the artisans follow authentic technologies of work.

During the 19 th century the important Tarnovian inns were located there. The most popular among them was the Hadji Nikoli Inn, which has now been restored.

Today the architectural heritage site Somovodska charshia includes the monument and the museum house of the eminent Bulgarian writer Emilian Stanev and the monument to Stefan Stambolov – an active figure from the time of the Bulgarian Liberation, who afterwards became Prime-minister of Bulgaria (1887-1894).

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